Adaptation at Stony Brook


Project: Adaptive Community Center

Professor: Maria Rosales

This community center was designed around bringing together people from two different communities located around the site. The center would have many different uses depending on time of year and what the goal of use was. With a gallery, classrooms, library and outer and inner facilities, the building could adapt to many different needs. A kinetic facade is also encorporated into wall along a pathway that runs through the building allowing the wall to completely open during warmer months to provide a space for open markets and events as well. It could also provide shading and shelter as well. The buildling is designed to embrace its surroundings and create an inclusive space that brings together all aspects and uses of its surrounding communities. 

Section Site Model
Sectional Model opened
Structural (Big) Concept (Small)
Napkin Sketch
Bubble Diagrams
Level 1 Plan
Level 2 Plan
Kinetic Facade Diagram
Sun Diagrams
Perspective 1
Perspective 2
Emerald Necklace