Swampscott is known for being a historic destination in

Massachusetts. With this comes the embracing of tourists

coming to visit the beautiful landmarks. The entrance to the

town is one of the most important thresholds in the area. The

goal of this project was to take the Hadley Elementary School,

built in 1911, and redesign it to become a local senior center. With

designing a new building in a historic area, my top priority was to not

lose the aspects of the design that are important to the respresentation of Swampscott. Taking influences from the Hadley School and the architecture of the surrounding area, this new design was created to form an area that brings the community together. Being one of the first views when entering the town, the building will represent historical Swampscott with a modern feel bringing the past in line with the present and future.

Hadley Elementary to Swampscott Senior