What is a word,

but the representation of a meaning we want to convey to another.

We spend lifetimes looking for combinations to form letters and essays 

in attempt to communicate accurately what we are constantly in the struggle of figuring out ourselves.


I find heartache in our farewells.

Not in fear of accepting the truth but in remorse of knowing what reality might actually bring.

You bring stutter to my words.

Tripping over lines I get lost in our sentences. 

Always fearing the predicate.

Maybe its my undiagnosed ADD or maybe its the need to never want this conversation to end. 

I know run on sentences are always worth the confusion if it means we can keep talking for hours.


You always teased me about the way I misspelled loose,

or is it lose?

Well I don't know what I meant then, 

because at this point I fear I'm losing. 

I try explaining to defend my mind 

but you make me trip over my tongue.

Now i'm lost in my thoughts. 

Punctuation was never my strong point, 

if you know me you know I leave gaps between periods.

Prolonging sentences and misspellings words,

but the separation between them has been put there for a reason.

The space between good and bye is where I believe I find you every night, 

or at least it's where I keep looking. 

I find shelter in the humps among letters,

playing hide and seek in our syllables and getting caught up in our compounds. 

I fell in love with the sound of your voice when it introduced your name to my ear.

Know i'll never forget it again. 

I'll memorize your signs,

and how they fit or misfit who you are, 

and whether or not you feel you agree. 

I'll remember where we met and where we met again the next day.

What you drink and why you hate the taste of some things, 

and how bitter has somehow always been more appealing. 

I'll remember the touch of your cheek and how it brushed against mine 

right before you kissed it the first time. 

Now the feeling in my hands will never let me forget it again. 

Now for someone who tends to forget most things, 

I promise I can say, 

I'll remember you. 

Even in the brightest of ways

I'll remember you.


Iced Coffee

April 2016