An extroverted poet writing about the human experience.

I am trying to find a connection amongst people. I find that by telling stories through poetry I am able to connect with others through feeling regardless of experience. I write to creating a type of imagery within the mind, in hopes that people will find a comfort in the descriptions. I believe that regardless of the unique walks of life we all experience, our feelings and reactions are ultimately relatable. Language is a weapon we can use to create an understanding between us in an efficient way, but it is still the tool and not the thing within it. Words are used to represent a bigger meaning we all want to understand and communicate and I try through my work in poetry to bridge that divide between our word and thought.  

At the end of the day, it is not the words you're saying, but the intention behind them. 

Please share you thoughts, feelings, writings, poems, and questions with me! Collaboration is the beginning of our story together.