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The word I have come to embrace the after 25 years of participation with life has been relativity. 


Since I was young I have always been intrigued by the question “why,” it was the unknown that inspired me to run in grocery stores and converse with strangers, although it left my mother in the dust. As a full time architectural designer, artist, and writer, I focus all of my work and research around the relationship between design and identity. I have spent the years pursuing my Undergraduate and Master degrees uncovering patterns in reclaimed spaces by minority communities. I attended Wentworth Institute of Technology where I co-founded and led the first women’s-leadership group “WILD” (Women’s Institute for Leadership Development) for two and a half years. During this time I also held monthly open mics to open this platform up to the local community as well as inviting artists, comedians, writers, musicians, etc. ​


I continue to dedicate my life to exploring the relationship between people and space. I believe our human identity is reflected in all forms of design, and the unknown qualities of space have a lot more to teach than we give credit. Architecture and language are both tools that help us better understand the world, and it is our intention that develops the future we see. 



If how you do one thing is how you do everything then my passion and identity are my daily reminders that positive inner change reflects a positive effect on the world. I want to empower individual growth, foster freedom to walk safely down the street, and to inspire one to dance in their home and if I’m lucky public too.






Project Manager at Joe the Architect - present

Boutique Architecture Firm in Somerville, MA focused on high-quality designs for extraordinary, everyday use. Focus on spaces that people can dine in, work in, live in, and truly love day in and day out. 


Co-Founder of Coalesce Design. 

A partnered design group with Brian Sandford focused on local installation work and the podcast What Builds Us. 2018 - present. 

Research Assistant to Zenovia Toloudi, D.Des., Intl Assoc. AIA 2018-Present

Research Assistant to Anne-Catrin Schultz, 2018

Research Assistant to Robert Cowherd 2018




Masters of Architecture 

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston MA - Graduated, April 2018

Bachelor of Science in Architecture 

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston MA - Graduated, April 2017


Honor Roll Graduate 

Apponequet Regional High School, Lakeville, MA.  -Graduated 2013




Member of Wentworth Architecture Alumni Committee
Hosting alumni events and organizing guest speakers and presentations. 
Panelist at Boston's Queer Creatives Investigate Safe Spaces, 2019.

Panel aimed to unpack the physical and mental definitions of queer safe spaces. 

Featured artwork in Manque Magazine, 2019.

"She/Herself, Evolving, the Living," article found here.

Featured in Boston Voyager magazine as inspiring local woman, 2018.

"Conversations with the Inspiring Seantel Trombly," article found here.

 Masters Thesis Featured in Women in Cities International (WICI) Blog


Center For Life in Benin project featured in the American Embassy in Benin. 

2017 Intensive graduate project involving 2 week trip to southern Benin, Africa. 

More detailing found here

Student Representative of the Graduate Program Committee 2017 

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Student Commencement Speaker of the 2017 Wentworth Graduation.

Video of speech can be found here

Keynote Speaker/Poet and Recipient of Recognition

2017 Women@Wentworth Event - an event to commemorate the 45th year of women attending the Institute, we will be recognizing 45 trailblazers, alumni, friends, staff, and faculty.

Founder of Writing Our Makeup

A YouTube Channel dedicated to original poetry and advice. 

President of Women's Institute of Leadership and Development (W.I.L.D)  

2015 - 2017 Women's Institute of Leadership Development - Wentworth Institute Representative and leader, helping members of our community come together and provide a safe space on our campus for discussion and motivation. Inspired by strong, fearless leaders from our past, being the president of WILD is a position that promotes self growth and confidence to take that same inspiration to aid in the positive growth of future generations. 


Recipient of the Junior Award for Outstanding Leadership 

Wentworth Institute of Technology - 2017

Award is presented to a junior who has consistently been involved with an organization/club/leadership role at Wentworth. The student regularly demonstrates enthusiasm toward and passion for their role on campus. This student serves as a strong role model for their classmates displays potential for success in future leadership roles.

Work Featured in Wentworth Architecture Review (WAr) 2017-2018 

Wentworth Architecture Review

Member 2016 - Help design and put together architectural magazine representing a collaboration of work submitted by architecture, industrial design, and interior design students. Includes work and interviews from professors, architects, and firms from the Boston Area.





Adobe Suite



Website Development

Microsoft Office

General Graphic Design





Rock Climbing

Line Art/Collaging

Poetry and writing

Tap Dancing


Coffee and IPAs

Meditation and Yoga

Philosophy and Psychology


Seantel Rae



Boston, MA 02130

508. 971. 8261



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